Thursday, October 4, 2007

Guru Gita Slokas -13

Hare Krishna,

We have come ot the last sloka of Gurugita. This sloka emphasizes on the importance of a guru. This sloka shows the Guru bhatki which is essential for intial seekers.Without true surrender to guru, without devoted to him,one cannot apprehend the knowledge imparted by the guru.

Sloka -13

Gururaadih anaadischa guruh parama daivatham
guroh paratharam naasthi tasmai sree gurave namah

Words Meaning

Guruaadih --- Guru is the beginning
annadi -- without end
daivatham -- he is divine
paratharam naasthi -- nothing higher than the guru


The guru is from the begining and is without any end.He is the supreme purusha.There is nothing else higher than a guru.

The whole world is an effect for which the cause is brahman.So before everything existed , brahman alone existed.Hence brahman alone is from the beginning. Guru who is brahman himself is ever present, he is beyond time and space, he is one without a second,hence its said that there is no end to Guru. He is divine.He shines and illumines the whole world with the knowledge of ultimate reality.He is the supreme purusha and there is nothing greater than the guru. Its only through a guru, a person gets the knowledge of ultimate reality,hence one is ever indebted to a guru and hence there can be nothing supreme than a guru.Guru is the person who helps us to cross over the ocean of the world.So even though a person is realized, he/she would never forget his guru.

To such a guru Who is ever present, who imparts the knowledege of ultimate reality and who is the supreme being,to such a guru I offer my prostrations.

With this we have completed Guru gita slokas.

Hare Krishna,

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