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Guru Gita Slokas - 5 and 6

Hare Krishna,

We see that the all pervading nature of the brahman and the guru who is one with the brahman, being stressed upon in all the 4 slokas we have discussed till now. Udhalaka explains his son svethakethu about " tattvam asi " using many analogies several times.Repeating or stressing upon a statement is done several times just to make the listener understand the significance of the statement and also the import behind the statement. We see that the 5th sloka of gurugita also talks about the all pervading nature of brahman.

Sloka -5

chinmayam vyaapiyat sarvam trailokyam sacharaacharam
tat padam darshitham yena tasmai sree gurave namaha

Words Meaning
chinmayam -- filled with consciouness
vyaapiyat --- all pervading
trailokyam -- all the three worlds
sacharaacharam -- in living and non- living

This world is filled or occupied with chit alone.'Chit' the consciouness is all pervading, has no limits, its present in everyone as I exist.Entities which have limits cannot give us bliss in the world.Hence brahman of nature of chit alone can give us eternal bliss.Brahman is explained as "Prajnaanam" in taitreya upanishad.It means prakarshena jnaanam, meaning consciouness.Hence Brahman is the consciouness alone. Its present in all the three worlds of boo bhuva suva.Chit illumines all existing and non-existing entities in the world.The brahman which is reffered to as "tat padam " is shown to us by the guru..

To such a guru who shows us the path to realization I offer my Prostrations.

All the earlier slokas spoke about the all pervading nature of brahman. In this sloka we see the all knowing nature of brahman. Guru who is one with brahman is all knowing.Thus he guides and imparts us knowledge ,removes our ignorance about the world, enlightens us with the truth of ultimate reality..

Sloka -6

sarvasruthi shiroratna viraajitha padaambhujah
vedantaambuja soryo yah tasmai sree gurave namaha

Words Meaning
sarvasruthi -- All sruthi's/vedas
shiroratna --- jewel in the crown
viraajitha -- placed at
padaambhujah-- at the feet
vedantaambuja soryo yah --- sun of vedanta

The sruthi or vedas whick are like the jewels studded in a crown,lie at the feet of the guru.He is the sun of vedanta.

The sruthi's bow down at the feet of the Guru, who follows the sruthi and who stands for sruthi.It means that what ever the Guru does, any act of the Guru is in line with the sruthi statements.His actions are faultless.What ever he says ,he has the support of the sruthi for it.The words from his mouth are equivalent to the statements of the sruthi.Thus he is considered the ever shining sun of vedanta.The sun of vedanta, which illumines the entire world with its light, without whose grace ,life cannot exist on earth. Thus guru he is all knowledgable and whose blessing initial seekers would need to gain knowledge and also be able to apprehend it.

Thus the guru through the knowledge of light , shows us the path to self-realization.

To such a guru I offer my prostrations.

Hare Krishna,

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